Vista Health Plans – Florida Health Insurance

Vista health plans are offered to members living in Florida and are part of the Coventry family of insurance providers. With the rising cost associated with most modern group health insurance coverage plans, more individuals, families and companies are turning to more affordable individual health plans. Unfortunately, one of the big drawbacks to such plans for employees is that the employee must then pay additional premiums for dependent coverage. In other words, the company provides individual plans. If an employee wants family coverage, they must pay the difference in premiums to cover their spouse and children.

Vista health plans are considered HMO policies, since Vista is a health insurance HMO carrier. HMO is an acronym for health maintenance organization, although HMO plans have come to be known as managed healthcare. This is because the insurance company manages its members’ health care by determining what medical expenses it deems are necessary and will therefore cover. However, such health insurance plans are popular, especially in terms of individual health insurance, because the premiums are lower than those of traditionally modeled individual healthcare plans. Naturally, ever person will have different needs in terms of healthcare coverage, so while an HMO might be the right choice for some, others may need more traditional insurance plans.

Vista health plans include dental and vision care as part of their standard individual health insurance policies. Likewise, in a move that is starkly different than their competitors, Vista’s health insurance plans are identical in terms of benefits between individual plans and group plans. Unfortunately for some potential customers, Vista health plans are medically underwritten. Medical underwriting a policy means that applicants for insurance must complete a questionnaire as part of the application process. The questionnaire is then reviewed by Vista’s underwriting department who makes a case-by-case decision on which applicants are accepted for coverage.

While this medical underwriting could make Vista health plans unattractive for some consumers, for others it is a good thing. By reducing their risk and insulating themselves from unnecessary risk factors through the use of medical underwriting, these plans ensure consumers get the best rates possible. A large number of high risk members means increased cost to the insurance company. That increased cost in the form of more payouts and higher reimbursement amounts is passed on to other plan participants and customers. When an insurance company increases their expenses, they must equally increase their premiums.